Call for Papers

Proposals are invited for papers and strands on the following broad themes and other areas of utopian studies:

  • Histories of Utopia;
  • Theories of Utopia;
  • Politics of Utopia;
  • Utopia and Literature;
  • Arts of Utopia;
  • Contemporary Utopias, Eco-villages and Intentional Communities;
  • Aesthetics of Utopia;
  • Landscapes of Utopia;
  • Utopian architectures;
  • Environmental Utopias.

Proposals may be for individual papers of 20 minutes, which if accepted will be grouped with others of relevant interest as far as practicality allows; or for strands of 3, 4, 6 or 8 papers with a nominated chair and respondent.

Abstracts should be 250 words (max.), submitted by email as file attachments in Microsoft Word (only) to
and should include (in this order): name and affiliation, e-mail address, title of paper, abstract, 3 keywords - if possible on one side of A4 in a typeface no smaller than 10 point.

Abstracts will be refereed by two members of a steering group constituted by the organisers and committee of the Utopian Studies Society. The aim is to be inclusive.

• Deadline for abstracts: 31st March, 2027
• Responses by 5th April, 2027 or soon after
• Deadline for registration at standard fee: May 28th 2027

[ late registrations will be accepted up to 7 days prior to the conference at additional cost up to £25 ]

Arrangements for registration will be announced in due course. Payment will be by credit card. The fee includes a payment of £10 per person to the Utopian Studies Society.

The conference language is English. While resources do not exist for simultaneous translation, proposals for strands of 3 or 4 papers in French or German, or other major European languages, with a commitment all presenters in such proposed sessions will register for the conference, are very welcome. These sessions will take place in these languages. Abstracts for these sessions should be sent in both the original language and English.

Inquiries on academic matters to:
Inquiries on logistics and other practical matters to: